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Dylan Design Notes

Dylan Design Notes: #34: Select Ordering (Clarification)

#34: Select Ordering (Clarification)

Version 1, January 1994 Copyright (c) 1993-1994, Apple Computer
This design note specifies the order of evaluation for the select statement.
Specify that select clauses are tested in order, until one is found which produces a match, in which case the following clauses are not tested. Since testing stops when the first match is found, it is irrelevant whether the test function would also have returned true if called on later match-list elements of the same clause or on match-list elements of later clauses.

The match-object expressions in the clauses are evaluated in order. Once a match is found, the following match-object expressions, in this and subsequent clauses, are not evaluated at all.


select (x instance?)
  <integer> => "It's an integer";
  <number> => "Fractional number";
  otherwise  "Not a number!"
end select

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