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Dylan Design Notes: #3: Make Class Specification (Addition)

Dylan Design Notes

#3: Make Class Specification (Addition)

Version 1, March 1993

This design note gives an expanded specification for <class> which enables new classes to be created at runtime, with make.

Replace the specification of <class> on page 91 of the Dylan manual with the following:

<class>        [Abstract Class]
All classes (including <class>) are general instances of <class>. <class> is a subclass of <type>.

In most programs the majority of classes are created with defineclass. However, there is nothing to prevent programmers from creating classes by calling make, for example, if they want to create a class without storing it in a module variable, or if they want to create new classes at runtime.

The class <class> supports the following init-keywords:

Specifies the direct superclasses of the class. superclasses: should be a class or a sequence of classes. The default value is <object>. The meaning of the order of the superclasses is the same as in define-class.
Used only for debugging and display purposes. The default is implementation-dependent.
A sequence of slot specs, where each slot-spec is a sequence of keyword/value pairs.
The following keywords and corresponding values are accepted by all implementations. Implementations may also define additional keywords and values for use within slot specs.
A generic function of one argument. Unless the allocation of the slot is virtual, the getter method for the slot will be added to this generic function. This option is required.
A generic function of two arguments. Unless the allocation of the slot is virtual, the setter method for the slot will be added to this generic function. There is no default.
A type. Values stored in the slot are restricted to be of this type. The default value for this option is <object>.
Supplies a default initial value for the slot. This option cannot be specified along with init-function. There is no default.
A function of no arguments. This function will be called to generate an initial value for the slot when new instances are created. This option cannot be specified along with init-value. There is no default
A keyword. This option permits an initial value for the slot to be passed to make, as a keyword argument using this keyword. There is no default. This option cannot be specified along with required-init-keyword:.
A keyword. This option is like initkeyword:, except it indicates an init-keyword that must be provided when the class is instantiated. If make is called on the class and a required init-keyword is not provided, an error is signaled. There is no default. This option cannot be specified if initkeyword:, init-value:, or init-function: is specified.
One of the symbols instance, class, each-subclass, constant, or virtual, or an implementation defined symbol. The meaning of this option is the same as for define-class.


(make <class>
      superclasses: <object>
      slots: `((getter: ,point-x
                setter: ,point-x-setter
                init-keyword: ,x:
                init-value: ,0
                type: ,<integer>)
               (getter: ,point-y
                setter: ,point-y-setter
                init-keyword: ,y:
                init-value: ,0
                type: ,<integer>)))

(make <class>
      superclasses: `(,<input-stream> ,<output-stream>)
      slots: `((getter: ,stream-cache
                setter: ,stream-cache-setter
                init-keyword: ,cache:)))
Or, in a different style:
(make <class>
      superclasses: <object>
      slots: (vector (vector getter: point-x
                             setter: point-x-setter
                             init-keyword: x:
                             init-value: 0
                             type: <integer>)
                     (vector getter: point-y
                             setter: point-y-setter
                             init-keyword: y:
                             init-value: 0
                             type: <integer>)))

(make <class>
      superclasses: (vector <input-stream> <output-stream>)
      slots: (vector (vector getter: stream-cache
                             setter: stream-cache-setter
                             init-keyword: cache:)))

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