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Dylan Design Notes: #1: Collection Class-For-Copy (Clarification)

Dylan Design Notes

#1: Collection Class-For-Copy (Clarification)

Version 1, March 1993

This design note clarifies that class-for-copy of a collection must return a mutable collection.

Replace the definition of class-for-copy on page 100 of the Dylan manual with the following:

class-for-copy   collection  =>  class        [G.F. Method]
class-for-copy returns an appropriate collection class for creating mutable copies of the argument. For collections that are already mutable, the collection's actual class is generally the most appropriate, so the <object> method of class-for-copy can be used. The class-for-copy value of a sequence should be a subclass of <sequence>, and the class-for-copy value of an explicit-keycollection should be a subclass of <explicit-key-collection>. In all cases, the class-for-copy value must be a mutable collection.


The restriction on class-for-copy for collections is needed to keep the collection protocol relatively simple.

Implementations do not need to check for this explicitly. Many built-in functions will, however, break if the restriction is not observed.

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